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            Lanzhou Hongyun Jinmao City Complex

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            Lanzhou Hongyun Jinmao City Complex is located at the northeast corner of Lanzhou Dongfanghong Square.

            In this golden center of the Lanzhou City Meeting Room, 

            the Lanzhou Hongyun Jinmao Urban Complex has risen from the ground.

            The project consists of office tower A with a building height of 285 meters, 

            and office tower B with a building height of 169 meters.

            It is composed of 44-storey residential building C tower and 8-storey large-scale commercial complex. 

            Among them, there are 5 underground floors and partial 4 floors,

            It is seamlessly connected with Metro Line 1 of the urban rail transit under construction. 

            Lanzhou Hongyun. Jinmao City Complex can be called Lanzhou’s first iconic and majestic architectural complex.

            It will become an international business district of Lanzhou Gold Center, 

            which integrates shopping, tourism, finance and trade, and commercial and residential buildings.

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